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Binish Desai

The Recycle Man of Our Nation and a Padma Shri nominee, Binish Desai is a 26-year-old successful Social Entrepreneur who was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2018 for the same.
Having developed ideas to recycle domestic and industrial waste into useful resources in a manifold, Binish has helped deflect 3592 metric tonnes of carbon emission from entering the atmosphere(which is a lot). Today, his innovative and entrepreneurial skills combined with his zest to save the environment have made him the proud owner of Eco Eclectic Technologies, where he has turned his innovative ideas into a reality.
Binish also started a socio-economic platform named Ecolite Studio, whose primary goal has been to empower women, essentially from the rural communities.

Vani Murthy

Considering garbage as ‘Green Gold’, Vani Murthy is a pioneer in the field of sustainable composting. Being a renowned Urban farmer and an active social media icon, Vani is a passionate citizen leader who dynamically engages with her followers while emphasizing on the broader aspects of Swacha Graha - a home that generates minimum garbage, for more than a decade now.
Vani Murthy is also known for her terrace gardening and bio-cleanser ideas that she dynamically shares with her enthusiastic green followers on various social platforms.

Dasarathi GV

“Kachra Mane” is the brainchild of Dasarathi G V, a mechanical engineer from Bengaluru.
Kachra Mane literally translates to ‘Trash house’. Mind you, this house is anything but Trash.
The house has been known to aesthetically please its spectators with its naturally well lit and ventilated ambience. His philosophy with the four R’s of nature - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Rethink are the pillars that have made him turn the Kachra house into a reality. Thousands of people including architecture students and people with a keen eye on details and conservation have visited his home to observe and learn over the years as he continues to set a great model to preserve and make a difference.

Dhriti Desai

Recognized in the Top 25 CEOs list of India for her involvement, Mrs. Dhriti Binish Desai, an MBA graduate, whose goal has always been women empowerment from a young age, is the founder of DBD Jewels. She has always wished to create a platform for helping women through her skills be it starting up a online platform for home based chef or be it inspiring her own mother to start a successful cloud kitchen.
Through her brand 'Dhriti Binish Desai Eco Jewels,' with the help of a strong force of women workers behind her, she managed to create an exclusive range of Eco-friendly Handmade Art Jewelry made out of recycled and upcycled materials, for example, handmade jewelry made entirely from coffee waste, incorporated with an essence of pure precious metals.

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