Founder of The BILLBOARDS Collective, Entrepreneur, Architect, Hindustan Times Influential Icons - 30 under 30

Catch the talk on the 24th & 25th of July 2021


The creator of the revolutionary 'SOLO:01' design (The tiniest portable house), 23-year-old Arun Prabhu N G, merged his travel plans with his home, inventing a unique design— a house detachable from the back of an auto rickshaw.

He is a design and research consultant for multiple renowned brands and was deemed the Hindustan Times Influential Icon 30 under 30.

Driven by the passion to signify the impact of architecture in everyday lives, he desires to create designs for end users facing space and budgetary constraints, with his unique architecture projects, such as the ChaiGaadi (World's tiniest tea stall).

He strives to spread awareness about the possibility of small scale architecture in India with the SOLO:01 design.

He was recently awarded "The most promising and innovative architecture and design firm of the year 2021" for his devotion to extensive work in conceptual and experimental design.

The core verticals of architecture, art and communication design push him to expand his work over multiple cross domains related to architecture.

Steered by a sharp vision to impact lives positively and as a creator himself, he looks forward to instilling confidence and igniting young minds.

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