Co-Founder of Eco Femme, passionately promotes eco-friendly menstrual practices, proud Aurovillian

Catch the talk on the 24th & 25th of July 2021


Co-founder of Eco Femme - Kathy Walkling, runs a women-led social enterprise that not only creates environmental and social change but by mending taboos, she is also an exponent for healthy, dignified, affordable and eco-friendly menstrual practices.

Having moved to the international community of Auroville in Tamil Nadu, India in 1997 from Australia, her concern for the planet and her passion for feminity ascended into the founding of Eco Femme in 2010.

Kathy extends her virtue beyond menstrual products and is a staunch advocate for empowerment built upon non judgemental, culturally responsive and accurate education while promoting critical thinking in a nutshell, "informed choice". She supports individual personal transformation and reconnection with oneself, one another and the environment.

Kathy cherishes spending time in the wild and simply "being". She chooses to look with in to reflect, question and embrace never ending learning.

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